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It is time for a change towards efficient participative models of government and a time for policies that ensure employment and citizens' quality of life.

Need partners for the design and / or presentation of European projects, multilateral programs or tenders?

We work internationally, bringing 20 years of experienc in different sectors.


Cooperación Público Privada

The current context requires companies that are smarter, sustainable and competitive, Companies that are quick to adapt to consumer behaviour in a new global .

Corporate social responsibility is a key element in company competitivenes a central theme in the the new policy-making to ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability.

The market demands high levels of qualification to access the labour market and update professional skills. Lifelong learning is paramount of employment and corporate growth.

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Avda.América, nº4, local 7
C.P: 18006 Granada (Spain)
Tlf: +34 958 138 328
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